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Ellie held her hand out to Jason, navigating him to kneel next to her. He hesitated pensively as her glowing eyes met his. Her gaze traveled down his chest and abdomen, resting on his boxer shorts. His anticipation was evident as his hardness pressed against the fabric similar to a small pup-tent. The small wet spot at the top of the tent revealed his pent-up fervency. She gestured, with a swirling finger and dramatic tossing motion, to remove his underwear. He slowly lowered his briefs, momentarily snagging on his erection, making him pop out, earning a quiet "Woo!" from Ellie.

Jason lowered himself to his knees as Ellie turned her head to face his staff. Her eyes radiated anticipation and desire as they took him in first. Her lips parted and he felt her breath upon him. Letting go of his hand, her fingernails tenderly caressed his inner thigh, over his bottom, and down his crease. She delicately caressed his shaft with her other hand, noticing a bead of pearl had collected at the opening of his tip. He felt her warm softness tenderly kissing his tip, the luxuriant silkiness of her mouth as she took him in. Her eyes closed as her lips edged over his ridges and slowly continued down his shaft. Her tongue played as she tasted the flavor of rose, lavender, and pearl.

Anne and I watched Ellie's hand caressing Jason's bottom and thighs from between his legs as he kneeled in front of her prone figure. We could see his hand holding her breast as he gently rocked his hips, Ellie's hand pressing his bottom towards her. I felt my erection reaching an impossible maximum as a result of watching my wife giving my best friend a blowjob.

Anne and I looked at each other in mock scandal, with brows furled and mouths agape. I raised my eyebrows and smiled as she laughed, mischievously gesturing me down next to her.

I stood up to shed my undies as I processed the picture of what was in front of me. A beautiful woman, a friend I've known for years, wife of my best friend, best friend of my wife, travel companion, the mother of my children's best friends; always off limits, never to be touched; lying down, bare breasted, with only a towel on her hips, beckoning for something I have only imagined.

Anne smiled up at me. The subtle mascara at the edges of her eyes and the sheen of peach gloss on her lips were enticingly wreathed by her golden brown hair. Her deep brown eyes shifted their focus to my boxers. She reached over and playfully tickled the apex where my tip strained against the fabric. It was a buzz from an electric feather, emanating from her fingernails, onto my crown, down my length, distributing to my body. Her hand fell, gently tugging down on my briefs. I felt dizzy with anticipation.
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